Watch Repair and Service

A fine Swiss timepiece is a rewarding experience. Owners enjoy the precision and superior craftsmanship that a Swiss watch represents. They know that, properly cared for, their investment will return years of satisfaction and become an heirloom for later generations. When Swiss watches need service, it is important that they be cared for by persons with the proper equipment, training and experience.

LeeBrant Watches & Jewelry has invested thousands of dollars to develop a superior service center. Our CW21 Certifed Watchmaker was trained at the finest watch schools in Europe and America. We maintain the highest industry standards and our facility is inspected and certified annually by Swiss manufacturers to ensure the finest service available.

When you choose LeeBrant to service your Swiss watch, we will mail a pre-addressed box with instructions on how to ship your watch to us. Upon receipt, we will immediately inspect your watch and record the case number, serial number, dial color, bracelet style, number of links, distinguishing characteristics and condition into our data base. Our expert technician will assess the condition of your timepiece and contact you with an estimate at no cost. Should you not approve the estimate, the watch will be returned to you at your expense.

LeeBrant Watches & Jewelry's service center conforms to Swiss manufacturer's standards. Watches are completely disassembled and each piece is cleaned individually. Any replacement parts are supplied by the original Swiss manufacturer. Our watchmakers use as many as five different lubricants of different viscosities. The case and bracelet are refinished to the highest possible standards. Once the watch is reassembled, it is pressure tested to the required depth and calibrated on our state of the art timing machine to manufacturer's standards.

LeeBrant's technicians, backed by years of experience, know the requirements of each watch and will return your watch in the best possible condition. Most watches are serviced within two weeks of an estimate approval. Depending on the condition and brand, watches will be shipped back fully insured. As industry professionals, LeeBrant Jewelers guarantees the servicing of your watch for one year. Our experience and superior service will help ensure that your watch will be of service to you for many, many years to come.

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